SLGBTA Spread the Love Expo

Spread the Love LogoOriginal Mesh & Textures | Donation Items Feb 1-15

The Spread the Love Expo 2015 is now open!

There’s lots to shop for and each designer has new and exclusive items out with proceeds benefiting the Human Rights Campaign. You can read more over on the SLGBT Alliance blog.

The sim is also really cute and definitely worth a good look around:


I’m so excited to be a part of this fab event and help support this amazing cause! I’ve made 3 brand new items each featuring 100% original mesh and textures.

First up are ‘Love Bugs!’ – texture-change framed pictures featuring some colourful and lovable critters! It’s copyable so you can have as many of these guys brightening up your home as you like!

Love Bugs [ad]

‘Love Bugs’ – 50% donation to HRC

Love Bugs - More Detail

‘Love Bugs!’ in more detail

Next is a bottle filled with hearts ready for you to pop in a message or snapshot of your own then send to your loved ones. It’s scripted to ‘pop’ its cork with sound and particles on touch and deliver its copyable contents to its owner (for privacy!) Touch it again to replace the cork/stop the particles.

Message in a Bottle [ad]

‘Message in a Bottle’ – 100% Donation to HRC

Finally, a watercolour-style painting – ideal to show your support for the event (and for love in general!) or to give as a little giftie.

Spread the Love [ad]

‘Spread the Love Painting’ – 100% donation to HRC


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