Update – August 2018

In November 2016 I closed my main store as I became very busy outside of SL. I kept a small presence in the fabulous Virtual Soho but I was only able to create a few new items during that time.

I really missed being more involved and so I am very excited – as of August 2018 – to be rebuilding a main store and getting gradually back into things. Releases may be a little slower this time around so that I can keep a good life-balance, but I’m hoping I’ll have lots to share with you soon! ❤

by Chiana Oh has grown out of my love of photography – I love taking pictures both in-world and in the real world. At first I was just taking them for my (mostly) fashion blog, but thanks to the amazing generosity of someone giving me a gallery on their sim, I began to develop what I was doing into producing items to sell. My focus is primarily art, decor and furniture.

I’ve been a Second Life® resident since 2008 but my first adventures in creating began in 2012, utilizing full-permission items, giving them my own little spin, and incorporating my own artworks where I could. In 2013 I kinda burnt out with some RL stuff and took a break from everything for about 8 months, after which I began to work on my blog once more.. I didn’t think I’d be creating again as I’d been somewhat unsatisfied with my work compared to the amazing items I see from others that always fill me with awe.

But an invitation to take part in an anniversary event I’d been regularly involved in before, and always loved – The Gallery Gift Shop – sparked my old yearning to make stuff and I realised how much I’d missed it all. So, I grabbed some land and began learning how to use Blender.

My current store will be built up slowly and will feature original mesh items by me, alongside a hopefully growing range of art. All the artwork in my store is original – created from photos taken in-world or real life, or made from scratch in art programs. Any brushes, textures or other resources incorporated into these images are appropriately licensed.

I still have a LOT to learn (and I have no doubt that I always will) but I love doing this and sharing what I love with you all.. I hope you’ll find something to enjoy. I’m planning on participating in plenty of hunts and free/fundraising events because I want to give something back to this world that has given me so much over the years.

Thank you for reading – if you have any questions at all just shoot me an IM in-world (they go to my email): Chiana0 Resident.

Best of all wishes!

Chia ❤
October 2014

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