The Add Some Red Hunt 2

'love among the stars' by Chiana Oh ASRH2 Prize [ad]Original Mesh & Artwork | L$0 Hunt Prize
Feb 1-28

The fab Add Some Rent Hunt 2 is also now underway!

I made this floating picture-on-a-balloon thingy especially for it.. it’s scripted to gently float up and down while rotating which I think looks cute!
I’ve also included an unscripted version and a framed-only version.

The picture is my own little design and I made materials for it so it should (hopefully) shine and stuff in all the right places. Everything except the script is modifiable so you can put your own pictures in it, if you like, just remember to delete the materials if you do.

Hope you enjoy!

Hunt for it at my main store:


The Add Some Red Hunt 2 is a free gridwide hunt – find more details about the other lovely goodies to be found along the way here:

Fi’s Hunts


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