A Small Plot of Land

by Chiana Oh - Main (collage)

by Chiana Oh – Main Gate & Secret Garden

New Home!
*taken down now to make room for a new build

I decided I really wanted a new home rather than spending my day standing in an empty platform – at the same time I thought I would bring back my gallery/shop. I didn’t want it to just be a store, though, as I don’t have much to put in it at the moment.. I’m still working on updating my old work and creating more. So I’ve made a series of little hangouts instead. Art and things will be dotted around and made available for sale as I make it.. there’s also a notice board at the main gate where you can take a look at my current events and subscribe for updates if you like and I’ll be setting the odd gift out when I get around to it. If and when I make more furniture I’ll probably add a more traditional store area but for now I think this is a fun way to house my pictures.. I hope you like it! Scroll down for taxi.

The Dark Forest Collage

by Chiana Oh – The Dark Forest

Rabbit Hole & Clouds Collage

by Chiana Oh – Down the Rabbit Hole & In the Clouds

You are more than welcome to come and visit – there are currently 4 little places to explore.


And this is my own lil studio..


Studio Collage Chiana’s Studio


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