Vendor System

As of Jan 8th, 2016, I have introduced a vendor system into my main store to allow for greater purchase flexibility and some fab customer rewards!

A few important exclusions:
*Items purchased from my gacha machines, or gacha resale items, are not included in the vendor system.
*Marketplace and event purchases will not earn store credit, sorry!
*Some events may not allow scripted vendors to keep lag down so you may not be able to access redelivery info for items purchased from events. I am very happy to manually redeliver anything you may need.

Above all, this system is intended to enhance your shopping experience, not take away personal customer service so please do contact me if you encounter any issues or need any help with anything at all! I’m online frequently and will get back to you just as soon as I can! ❤

Guide/Info on how to use the system:

If you simply want to make a quick purchase using L$ you may right-click any single vendor and choose ‘pay.’ All other options can be accessed by left-clicking a vendor to bring up the menu.

Selecting ‘Buy’ from this menu will also give you the option to pay with L$ as well as with your gift card or store card balances. It also gives you the ability to see how much store credit your purchase will earn you.

If you do not have enough credit to cover your purchase, you will be given the option to make up the difference with L$ and will be guided to pay the vendor that amount.

All main store vendors now give the option for you to gift an item directly to another avatar. Just left-click the vendor and enter the full username/avatar key of the person you’d like to receive your gift. You will then be prompted to make your payment and, once processed, your gift will be delivered.


The laptop on my main store reception desk acts as a redelivery terminal. Click it and it will give you a link to a personalised web page which will list all of your purchases. Click the ‘redeliver’ button next to the item you want resent and it should be sent to you asap. This also works with items bought via the Marketplace.

Items with ‘no transfer’ permissions will not be redelivered, for obvious reasons.

For items purchased before Jan 2016, from events where I’ve been unable to use scripted vendors, or if the system isn’t working for you, please contact me for a manual redelivery.

Store Credit
Each purchase made in the main store will earn you 5% of the price of the item back in store credit to use as payment/part payment of future items.

You can then use this balance to make purchases by left-clicking a compatible vendor, selecting ‘Buy’ and choosing ‘Store Credit’ as your payment method.

Gift Cards
Transferable gift cards are now available for purchase from the front desk of my main store.

The gift cards are not boxed; to activate one simply wear (right-click + ‘Add’) – they attach to your HUD by default – or rez somewhere convenient to you. Once worn or rezzed a blue menu will appear asking if you would like to add the card’s amount to your balance. Clicking ‘Use Card’ and then confirming will add the gift card’s amount to your personal balance and the script will delete from the card.

You can then use this balance to make purchases by left-clicking a compatible vendor, selecting ‘Buy’ and choosing ‘Gift Card’ as your payment method.

Check Balance
To see your current store credit/gift card balance, simple left-click any main store vendor and select ‘View Balance.’ Your totals will be displayed privately in chat.