FAQ/Store Info

Some useful information about my store.

As of November 2016 I closed my main store as I became very busy outside of SL. I now have a small store in Virtual Soho – as such not all of my items are currently available for sale and I am working on getting a redelivery system set back up. If there’s anything you need that you can’t find in my store, please do get in touch and I’ll see how best I can help you ❤

Vendor System
I’ve now installed a vendor system which allows for redelivery, gifting, store credits and gift cards. For a guide to how the system works and for information on the options available, please see this page.

Original Mesh
As of December 2015, I’ve made the decision to only release original mesh items as I’ve pretty much been doing that for most of the year, anyway! Items using templates have now been removed from my store – these were primarily artworks which will be updated soon. SLOCCA approved Feb 26th 2016.

All the artwork in my store is original – created from photos taken in-world or real life, or made from scratch in art programs. Any brushes, textures or other resources incorporated into these images are appropriately licensed.

You will also find all locations and items made by other creators which I have photographed credited in a notecard provided with the artwork.

Items with ‘Transfer’ permissions
I began selling only art originally and thought that people would most likely want a single copy of a painting that they can easily gift rather than want rez loads of copy of the same picture. If you would prefer a copy version of anything I’ve made that has transfer permissions – you can trade them in at any time so long as the item is in its original condition (no contents removed, for example.) Please send me a message before sending the item in. Transfer items have [trans] in the vendor name.

As I’ve started to make original mesh, which I prefer to allow people to modify freely without worry of ‘breaking’ the only copy, more of my pictures now have copy permissions instead. If you’re interested in buying a transfer version of these, or of anything else I’ve made, just send me a message and I will sort something out with you (or see below for gifts.)

All gacha items have transfer permissions and, as above, may be traded in for copy versions so long as they are in their original (as released by me) condition, i.e. with all components, scripts, animations, etc. intact (where applicable.) Again, please contact me prior to sending anything in for trade.

I will still accept gacha items for permissions trade even if they were not purchased from me originally (ie from yardsales) so long as they are in the required condition; but I can’t take responsibility for faulty/incomplete items bought from a third party – please discuss those issues with the sellers. However if you have any issues at all with my machines please do get in touch and I will look to resolve these for you. screenshots of error messages and/or any transaction details you have would be really helpful! If the machine has taken your money and not delivered a prize I will play it myself and give you the random item.

Finally, in the spirit of keeping gacha fun and fair, I’m sorry but I cannot accept requests to trade gacha items for anything other than like-for-like (trans for copy of the same item) and I won’t sell specific gacha items to order.

I’m still working on getting everything listed so it’s a bit sparse there at the moment. Hopefully the new vendor system will help with any gifting you may want to do but, if you need any help please give me a shout!

I love to hear from people and am happy to help with any query you may have so please don’t be shy!

IMs go to my email so they are the best way to contact me for a quick response although notecards are also perfectly fine (or you can use the contact form at the bottom of this page.) If you haven’t had a response from me within 48 hours (at the latest – I’m usually in and out several times a day and check my email often) then the message has probably been lost along the way – do feel free to contact me again.

I am on UK time [SLT+8] so am usually sleeping between 4pm SLT and Midnight. For easy reference the clock on the main store building is set to UK time ;0)