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Hey you lovely peeps – I welcome applications from bloggers as I like to share what I do and because feedback keeps me interested and inspires me to do more and do it better. My store is still relatively small but I’m (hopefully) learning all the time and would love you to join me as I develop it.

What I’m looking for:

  • people with blogs who love what they do and are interested in including my decor/furniture/art items in their posts
  • if you have a list of sponsors or blogroll I’d really appreciate a link back to this blog
  • um, that’s about it, really..

I don’t mind if you’re just starting out or if you only blog a few times a month, so long as your blog is current and your posts engaging. I blog myself and I appreciate it is hard work and, at times,  a steep learning curve. Of course I love fab pictures and witty text, but I don’t really favour any particular style – I’m just looking forward to seeing your individuality shine through.

Also, I don’t expect you to love every item I make – I’m very aware I’m new to creating and am still honing my skill/style.. so there is no pressure to blog every single thing I send you – just what you feel works well. That being said, if you don’t find a use for anything at all in a good long while, I will assume we’re not a good match and take you off the list with no hard feelings.

What I can offer:

  • all my releases via a subscriber system so you don’t have to lose a group space
    (I know how hard it is to choose which groups take up those valuable slots!)
  • cross-promotion of your posts on my social media feeds and groups
  • my sincere gratitude, love, and general squee’ing at seeing my items put to use!

I’m also interested in maybe brainstorming with my bloggers; getting you involved from time to time in some scheme or other – I haven’t quite worked out what yet but I might send out notecards occasionally with ideas.. none of them will be compulsory, of course, but it would be lovely to hear from people that like the thought of that kind of interaction.

So, take a look around my site and/or store – see if my items are something you’re interested in and think will fit well into your posts then, if they are, follow the link at the bottom of this page.

I’ll begin sending you items as soon as I’ve taken a looksie at your blogs and decided we’re a good fit. If I haven’t responded within a week or so it’s because I just haven’t felt like my items would work well on your blog – that doesn’t mean you’re any less awesome!

Love and hugs

Chia ❤




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