Why Eye, Petal!

by-chiana-oh-why-eye-petal-decor-adOriginal Mesh | New Event Release
Sep 22 – Oct 15

A new round of The Fantasy Collective has begun!

It’s a ‘merchant’s choice’ round so I decided to go with something creepy as we’re quickly heading towards my favourite time of year! I took my inspiration from some DIY suggestions on decorating for Halloween – I loved the idea of trying to create something similar, and I think the result is perfect for this spooky time of year – or for all-year-round ghouls!

The name is a play on a popular expression where I live – ‘Why-Aye’ (or Wae’Aye) which kind of means ‘Yes, of course!’ (‘Petal’ is a popular pet-name here, too.) My husband suggested it and it just kind of stuck – because when some people saw what I was making the response was often, ‘Um… why?’

Because.. why not? Is that an eye in a rose? Wae’Aye it is!   😀

Find them only at TFC until October 15th:


Also, check out the shopping guide over on The Fantasy Collective’s blog for more info on what’s available this month!





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