We want you, Big Brother!

by-chiana-oh-telescreen-ad-on9Original Mesh | Special Event Discount
Sep 9-28

After having to take a couple of months off to sort out RL stuff, it’s so nice to be back at the fab On9!

For this round I’ve made something I’ve been wanting to build for a while now  – inspired by one of my favourite novels, I bring you “telescreens”!

The screens have an animated static effect and sound (touch on/off). I’ve also included AO & UV maps so that you can customise with your own pictures – it’s requires a little bit of fiddly editing but I’ve tried to guide you through in the info notecard.

I hope you enjoy them!

As always, one colour has a special event discount for the duration of the event – so one version this round will save you 50% off the full price! A discounted fatpack is also available.

You can find them exclusively at On9 until Sept 28th:


and don’t forget to check out the On9 blog for a catalog of all the scrummy things on offer this month!






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