It’s a Cruel, Cruel Summer!

Cruel Summer Cart Sale Poster Texture - For Blog UseOriginal Mesh & Artwork | Special Offers
Jul 1-31

Summer’s officially here and it’s time for another amazing cart sale from I Heart the Cart!

Each cart has at least one themed item and a special L$10 goodie for you all. There’s also a hunt so be sure to fully explore the sim that Marge has once again brilliantly landscaped just for this event! Each hunt prize is just L$2 – you can find all the details, hints & previews over on the cart sale blog.

Last, but totally not least, be sure to check out the Freebie Oasis for some awesome gifts!

TAXI to the cart sale

All my items are brand new for this event – scroll down for all the pics.

Happy shopping!

by Chiana Oh - Cactus Marquee Light [ad]Special Introductory Discount – L$60 (will be L$120)

by Chiana Oh - Hot Sun Wall Decor [ad]L$10 Special (will be L$75)

by Chiana Oh - 'Cruel Summer' -Picture- [ad] CSCSH PrizeL$2 Hunt Prize

by Chiana Oh - Little Fishies [ad]L$0 Gift at the Freebie Oasis






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