Pulse Fundraiser

by Chiana Oh - Pulse Shelves [ad]Original Mesh | 100% Donation Items
Jun 28-Jul 12

Over 100 designers have come together to raise money to support the victims (and their families) of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

Lots of new and discounted items are available, with each purchase donating 50-100% of the price to the fundraiser. The total amount raised by the event being will then be donated to Equality Florida’s Pulse Victims Fund. For more information on what Equality Florida intends to use this money for, please see their gofundme page.

Both of my items donate 100% of their purchase price for the duration of this event. I’ve made a special edition version of one of my owls, and a brand new shelf set. I hope you like them!

by Chiana Oh - 'Because, Owls..' [Rainbow Special Edition] [ad]

Please do what you can to support this event; because love needs to triumph over hate!

You can visit the fundraiser here:


and see a full catalog of the items available over at Seraphim.

There is also a fab auction taking place where lots of people are offering all kinds of cool things & services – so remember to check that out, too! You can also read more about it in Strawberry Singh’s brilliant blog post.


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