Horses make a landscape at 30/31

by Chiana Oh - horses make a landscape [ad]Original Artwork & Mesh
Special Event Pricing
May 31 – Jun 7

I’m excited to be involved in the 2nd round of the arts based shopping event 30/31!

Uploaded to SL for the first time, my contribution is from a series I started a few years back (‘All A Bit Fuzzy’) where I played around with a familiar phrase; the inspiration for this one being the title of a volume of Alice Walker’s beautiful poetry (and she in turn was quoting John Fire Lame Deer.)

I didn’t make many in the end but this was one of my favourites as I liked the idea of the horses taking matters into their own hooves and literally beautifying some of my city’s less attractive corners!

You can find this framed picture at the Upstairs Gallery at my main store for the special price of L$131 for the duration of the event:


and be sure to check out Windlight Magazine for the full list of participating stores and previews of what else is on offer for this creative event!


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