Happy 1st Birthday, On9!

by Chiana Oh - Vine Shelf Set [All] [ad] On9Original Mesh | Special Event Discount + Hunt
Apr 9-28

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already! On9 is celebrating its first anniversary with a beautiful, botanical-themed, round AND a free hunt!

My exclusive items for this special round are the vine shelf sets pictured above.

Designed for flexible use, each set comprises of shelf, candle holder, and picture frame as individual items (a soft-linked version is also included in the package to make initial positioning easier.) and the picture in the frame can be replaced with your own images, if you like.

As always, one colour has a special event discount for the duration of the event – so one version this round will save you 40% off the full price! A discounted fatpack is also available.

For a special birthday bonus, each store participating in On9 this month also has a free hunt prize waiting for you somewhere in their main store, hidden inside a special cupcake. To find all the hints and landmarks, you’ll need to visit On9 and click on the cupcakes at each stall where you will be given the info you need.

by Chiana Oh - Moth on Wildflower -Canvas- [ad] On9

My prize is this wrapped canvas featuring my original photography. This will be a full-price release once the hunt is over so be sure to snag it for free while you can!

Have fun and happy shopping/hunting!

TAXI to On9

On9 - Ad-April 2016


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