Birds & Branches for The Fantasy Collective

by Chiana Oh - Bird Candle Holders [Snowy Night] [ad]Original Mesh | Special Event Discount
Mar 22-April 15

A new round of The Fantasy Collective is here!

For my part I’ve brought you this collection of bird candle holders in 2-colour packs and my take on the contemporary classic branch shelf.

The candle holders feature flame on/off on touch with 2 colours (each in 2 sizes) in each pack. The candles themselves are also easy to tint if you’d like to add additional colour.

The branch display shelf is available in either a light or dark version  – I’ve kept the baked shadows to a minimum to try and make them more versatile to position, and you can unlink the droplets for further flexibility if you like (the shelves on their own are just 1LI.)

For the duration of the event you can buy each bird pack for 75L (or 300L for the fatpack of all 5 colour packs) and the shelves are 125L each – when the round finishes they will be 100L (400L fatpack) and 150L each, respectively.

I hope you come and enjoy this lovely round – there are some amazing designs to be discovered!

TAXI to The Fantasy Collective

(& see Seraphim’s gallery here)


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