Let’s Twist Again!

by Chiana Oh - Eye of the Cyclops -Decor- [ad]Original Mesh | L$0 Hunt Prize
Mar 1-31

Come on everybody!
Clap your hands!

It’s time for another epic hunt!

As the theme for this Twisted hunt is ‘Odyssey,’ I thought I’d take inspiration from one of the myths from the epic poem and give it a bit of a.. well.. twist! The eye of the cyclops Odysseus encounters doesn’t fair very well in the tale, but I’ve preserved one in metal to watch over you or, more likely, creep out you, your family, your friends, and any other poor unfortunate who happens to stumble by – enjoy!

Those familiar with Twisted Hunts will know that they are famous for being difficult with hunt objects fiendishly hidden and a few decoys thrown in for good measure, but, that is part of what makes them such fun. A whole community has grown up around the event so you’ll find lots of friendly help in the group should you get stuck!

Group key – paste into SL chat and click to open the profile:

Many store also add many extras – side hunts, gachas and more have been known to spring up at any time – I really recommend checking out (and re-checking!) the extensive official website to keep up to date with everything. Oh, and there’s a survival end game & party, too!

Start your Twisted journey at the HQ:



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