Buzzing Around The Gacha Garden

by Chiana Oh - Home Sweet Hive - Seed of Inspiration [ad]Original Mesh Gacha Set L$50 per play
Exclusive Item for 20 plays | Feb 1-28

I’ve been so excited about my very first participation in The Gacha Garden, and now opening day is finally here! \0/

This being the month of lurrve, I wanted to make something that was vaguely Valentine-themed but not so much so that the items couldn’t be used the rest of the year. The (forgivable/terrible?) “Bee Mine” pun drifted into my head and I realised I would really enjoy building a bee-themed set – then I discovered that Saint Valentine is also the patron saint of beekeepers and the theme of the set was sealed!

I was glued to the computer for much of last month meshing and creating the picture artwork – I hope you like the cute ‘n’ quirky honeycomb results! (The shelves have been textured with no external shadows so that you can twist and turn them however you like. Also, I created the artwork of the 4 pictures in this set in a collage-like manner from a number of licensed textures using my own bee sketch, simple geometric shapes, and a couple of licensed/public domain elements (the crown & banners) as guides.) Some rezzed demos can be seen at my main store.

The ‘Home Sweet Hive’ gacha collection consists of 12 items – 9 commons and 3 rares (key below) – with the super-special “Seed of Inspiration” hive you can see pictured above being gifted to those kind enough to play my machine at least 20 times. This item is exclusive to the event and will be retired/no longer available unless one ends up in a yardsale somewhere!

by Chiana Oh - Home Sweet Hive [Gacha Key]

TAXI to The Gacha Garden

Also, a couple of helpful links from the official site:
How To Play
Shopping Guide
Don’t despair if you can’t get in right away, the round is open until the end of the month!

~ ❤ ~ Happy Shopping! ~ ❤ ~

*I am happy to trade gacha prizes for copy/no trans permission versions, if you like –
please see my Store FAQ for more details*


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