Happily Ever After at TFC!

by Chiana Oh - Castle Bookcase [Traditional] [ad]Original Mesh
Event Exclusive Releases + Gift
Nov 22-Dec 15

 I’m so excited to have been invited to join The Fantasy Collective for their 2nd Birthday round!

I got a -little- carried away as the fairytale theme is right up my street and have made 3 themed ‘castle’ bookcases:

by Chiana Oh - Castle Bookcases [ad] CollageThese are 6-7LI each at their current size (which is pretty big!) and you can view them all at TFC demo platform where you can also pick up information on tinting and LOD to see if they will meet your requirements before purchasing.

To complement these I’ve also released some pennon & banner sets in 4 fairytale character themes:

by Chiana Oh - Fairytale Pennon & Banner Sets [ad] Collage
Included in the packs are 2 versions of the pennons, and the hanging banners with or without string; each item is 1LI and the bars/poles are tintable. These are stand-alone items but they do make lovely additional decorations to the bookcases!

Finally, as a special birthday treat, lots of designers are leaving out gifts or cheapies in fairytale pumpkins next to their stalls. From me you will find this book/frame decor stack:

by Chiana Oh - Once Upon a Time Book Frame Stack [ad] GIFT
This will be put up as a full-price release in my main store once the event is over,
so, if you’d like it for free, be sure to visit

The Fantasy Collective

before December 15th!

Happy Shopping!


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