Cute & Whimsical Dressing Screens & Pictures

by Chiana Oh - On9 November [ad]Original Mesh | Special Event Discount
Nov 9-28

Sometimes (often) I suck at naming things and it’s not unusual for me to give items placeholder names while I model them. This time the placeholder name took on a life of its own and ‘Cupcake Princess’ became not only a set of dressing screens but also a bunch of matching pictures. I wanted to do something equally silly but perhaps a little more dashing for a set celebrating facial hair in all its glory, and so ‘Follically* Fearless’ emerged.

I hope you enjoy the random cutesy and whimsical style of this decor!

There are 4 versions of the ‘Cupcake Princess’ and 3 ‘Follically Fearless’ dressing screens available, as well as 3 pictures in each style (scroll down for more pics.) You can find them all at the current round of On9 which opened its doors today with and 1 item of each set has a special discount (so, 1 in each picture set and 1 in each dressing screen set.)

Don’t forget to check out all the other designs on offer and grab those event discounts while you can!

TAXI to On9

by Chiana Oh - Cupcake Princess -Dressing Screens- [All] [ad]

by Chiana Oh - Follically Fearless -Dressing Screens- [All] [ad]by Chiana Oh - Follically Fearless -Pictures- [All] [ad]

(*I hold my hands up, ‘Follically’ isn’t a real word, and, according to the interweb, it wouldn’t even be the etymologically correct version of the word if the word were real! Apparently, that would be ‘follicly.’ But, seeing as neither is a really real word, and because I have been exposed to ‘follically challenged’ as a thing (I hope you all have too, if not you can just happily assume I’ve lost the plot!) I wanted to play off that, aannnd this spelling looks better from a design point of view (honest!) so I just decided to embrace the daftness! A bit like I’ve embraced how confusing this explanation is.

Short version – ‘follically’ looked fun, please forgive it not being terribly correct!)

On9 - Nov 2015


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