Warm Socks Gacha & Hunt

by Chiana Oh - Winter Warmers Hot Water Bottle Gacha [ad]Original Mesh | Gacha L$50 per play
L$0 Hunt Prize | Nov 5-30

 Fi’s Hunts has a really lovely event running this month that’s sure to help you stay feeling warm and cosy as the cold season approaches (in this part of the hemisphere at least!)

The Warm Socks Hunt 2 & Gacha is full of snuggly items from participating stores who have chosen to bring you free hunt prizes, gacha items, or both! You can take a look at everything that’s on offer on Fi’s website and also see all the hints for the hunt prize locations.

I’m thrilled to be sponsoring this event and have opted for a both a gacha and prize.

My gacha items are the ‘Winter Warmers’ hot water bottles pictured above. Original mesh, there are 16 commons and 4 rares available in total and each individual pack contains both a decor and a wearable (scripted) version.

For my hunt prize I’ve created this snuggly picture to remind you that all you need on a cold day is hot tea and warm socks.. mmm, toasty!

by Chiana Oh - Hot Tea & Warms Socks -Picture- [ad]

 I hope you enjoy the event – happy hunting!

Hunt Starting Point

(by Chiana Oh main store)


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