Hocus Pocus!

by Chiana Oh - Monster Cabinet [ad]Original Mesh | Say the Magic Words!
Oct 30-Nov 8

Do you know the magic words?

If you say them out-loud at this fun, hop-around event you may be richly rewarded – but if your magic isn’t strong enough you’ll have to wait 24hrs to try again!

Hocus Pocus brings you brand new spooky/cute/spooky-cute designs from stores around the grid, and at each location you need to bravely face the ghosts guarding the treasure chests and say those magic words “Hocus Pocus” – if the spook is in a good mood it will bestow on you the contents of its chest. If not, you can try again once every 24 hours (or, if you prefer not to leave it up to the fates, you can purchase the contents from the vendor for just 50L for the duration of the event!)

At my store you are playing for this too-adorable-to-be-scary Monster Cabinet. It’ll gladly take care of any pesky paperwork you’re sick of by shredding and devouring it storing it away safely.
Just be sure to keep it busy or it may come after you!

After the event is over, this will be marked up to a normal release price of 150L so, even if the spirits are not favouring you and you end up purchasing it for 50L, you’ll still be getting a bargain 🙂

Check out the official Hocus Pocus blog for more details, pictures of all the goodies on offer, and info on where to get a tp HUD for all the participating stores!

TAXI to by Chiana Oh

I hope you have fun and wishing you all a very Happy Halloween!


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