Octoween at by Chiana Oh!

Octoween Poster 1October Store Event
Special Releases, Gifts & Fun !

I wanted to do something special to show how much I appreciate you all and, as I love this time of year, I decided to convert my previously under construction bit of land into a spooky graveyard (best viewed with a night-time windlight) which I plan to fill with as much fun as possible throughout the rest of the month.

Some things will be new releases, some will be gifts, cheapies, or subscriber group gifts only. I’ve also dragged down some previous items from the attic, more for convenience than anything! Everything will be scattered about but shouldn’t be /too/ hard to find (unless I add a hunt!)
Please feel free to ask me if you get stuck.

I hope to have something for everyone with spooky/funny/cute Halloween or fall themed decor – I’ll add as much as I can around other commitments. I don’t know how much that will be yet as I’ll be making most things from scratch but I’ll try to make it worth your while!

Take a left from the landing point and follow the tracks until the end of the line:


Everything listed will be available until November 5th, after which I will sweep them away to the attic (or wherever appropriate) and re-price them.. so be sure you snag everything you want that’s currently discounted as they may not be again!

Gallery of new items currently available
(will be updated as I add to the event)

by Chiana Oh - Octoween Pumpkin Smash Info(pumpkins by the fabulous MadPea Games, available on the Marketplace)


Apple Bobbing
An excellent design by [Shade] that dispenses free animated candy apples after 10 secs of bobbing. The wearable candy apples also dispense a free candy apple mess tattoo layer when you touch them. Seats up to 4 avatars at a time.


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