Oh, So Skelegant!

Oh So Skelegant Cart SaleOriginal Mesh Specials + Gift
Oct 1-31

I Heart the Cart is back with another themed sale and I’m especially excited about this one as it was my idea for a theme that was picked at the end of the last sale!

I may have had the idea but Marge has put it into action more beautifully than I could ever have even imagined – so, even if you’re not tempted by all of the goodies and freebies on offer, you should certainly visit to take in her breathtaking decorations. Also, there’s a photo contest running with a cool L$1000 available for the winner – read all about how to enter here.

TAXI to the Oh So Skelegant cart sale

All of the carts have beautiful items on offer with bargains galore to be found – a couple of special things you’re not want to miss are the L$10 Trick or Treat bags on every cart and the freebie tent near the landing point. The goodie bags are super-secret so that you won’t know exactly what you’ll be getting (though they are marked up male/female/unisex in their descriptions.) Will you be tricked or treated? Well, you’ll have to take a chance and find out but I will say that I will be selling my item at full price once the event is over 😉

So, what else do I have to offer at this event?
Keep scrolling to see pictures of all of my new items for the sale!

First up is creepy-cute Fred A-Scare! Fred is fond of moonlight, music, and all things that go bump in the night! He’s also original mesh and both decor and doll versions are included – I’ve discounted him by 50% as a special release offer for the duration of the sale:

by Chiana Oh - Fred A-Scare! [ad]
Next up are these original mesh grouped canvasses – a little bit Warhol, a little bit punk – hopefully these are skulls that can make a statement any time of the year.

by Chiana Oh - Glitter Skull -Canvas- [Colour] [ad]

by Chiana Oh - Glitter Skull -Canvas- [Silver & Gold] [ad]
And, finally, this is my gift for the freebie tent:

by Chiana Oh - Halloween Candy Star Candle Holders [ad]



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