Time to get Twisted!

by Chiana Oh - The Dragon's Breath -Picture- [THF15 Prize 1] [ad]Original Mesh & Artwork | L$0 Hunt Prizes
Sep 19-Oct 19

I’ve been an avid fan of the fab Twisted hunts as a hunter so I’m really thrilled for my first ever participation as a merchant!

I’ve prepared 2 prizes for this fall extravaganza – each original mesh and featuring some original artwork. The first, above, is a kinda ‘3D’ picture with the dragon etched onto a glass panel above the background. I ‘sketched’ out the dragon’s head in a digital art program then used it as a reference to flesh it out with pixel line and square brushes. The background was made with a mixture of bushes.

You can see a preview of my second prize at the bottom of this post – the “Twisted Table” – a ying-yang design is etched at each end of the table in a similar fashion and the table can be flipped (rotate by 180 on the y-axis) to reveal inverted colours.

Those familiar with Twisted Hunts will know that they are famous for being difficult with hunt objects fiendishly hidden and a few decoys thrown in for good measure, but, that is part of what makes them such fun. A whole community has grown up around the event so you’ll find lots of friendly help in the group should you get stuck!

Group key – paste into SL chat and click to open the profile:

Many store also add many extras – side hunts, gachas and more have been known to spring up at any time – I really recommend checking out (and re-checking!) the extensive official website to keep up to date with everything. Oh, and there’s a survival end game & party, too!

Start the hunt at the Twisted HQ and lasts until October 19th – happy hunting!

(TAXI to by Chiana Oh)

by Chiana Oh - Twisted Table [THF15 Prize] [ad]


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