The Bleeping Bunny Hunt 3

by Chiana Oh - My Swear Jar -Decor- [ad]Original Mesh | L$1 Hunt Prize
Sep 3-30

It’s finally here! I’ve really been looking forward to the latest Bleeping Bunny hunt and today it’s begun! This hunt is nice and hard with lots of decoys and the whole of the store area to hunt in – but that just makes it more fun, right? Right!

As I figured everyone will probably be swearing at some point in the hunt I’ve made this original mesh swear jar for you to use – turn your potty mouths into a savings plan 😉 If you’d like to turn your swear jar into a tip jar (like I have!) you can do so easily by adding in a script – the one I’m using was available for free on the Marketplace and I’ve found it to be nice and user-friendly.

Hunt for my prize at the main store:


I’ve also made an extra free gift – but, you have to work for this one, too (yes, I’m mean!) Inside the box with your main hunt prize you will find another clue and a landmark to a treasure chest; when you find the right answer, click on the treasure chest and type it in. If you’re right it will deliver these suitably sweary -un-welcome mats:

by Chiana Oh - Unwelcome Mats [ad] BBH3

These came about after binge-watching The Thick of It on Netflix, when I needed more Malcolm Tucker in my life. It amused me hugely to imagine some of his words on a welcome mat and I’ve been waiting impatiently for the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Aaand there’s more! I also planned a gacha release to tie-in to this hunt – stay tuned for more on that next!

Finally, be sure to check out the Evil Bunny Hunt blog for hints from all participating stores and more prize previews!


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