Hanging Hanky Lights

by Chiana Oh - Hanging Hanky Lights [Batik] [ad] infoOriginal Mesh | Special Event Discount
Aug 31-Sep 6

 Virtual worlds are fantastic and not just because you can throw a pretty scarf over a light and it not be a fire hazard – although that certainly helps with these items! 😀

Hanging Hanky Lights are a brand new release for September’s fabric-themed round of
The Challenge. I’ve included 2 cord lengths, each with 2 LOD versions, in each pack – there’s not a huge difference at the out-of-the-box sizes – but, if you are planning on scaling them up the LI will increase and using the lower LOD versions might save you a few prims.

You can find them at my main store with a promotional discount for the first week;
individual packs are just 60L each (will be 75L each after the 6th) and 240L for the 5-colour fatpack (will be 300L after the 6th.)


Also, don’t forget to check out all the other brilliant releases for this round over on
The Challenge blog!


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