Bandana for Hair Fair 2015

Hair Fair - Bandana Ad - by Chiana OhFundraiser | Original Textures
Jul 11-26

I’m sure you’re all well aware of Hair Fair by now – it’s a wonderful event for the hair-fanatic in all of us as well as doing a fantastic job at raising thousands of dollars for the beautiful Wigs for Kids.

It’s also become an annual tradition for residents to decorate bandanas especially for bandana day (the last day of the event) which encourages us all to remove our hair and show our support by wearing these instead.

All bandanas are only available for the duration of the event and all money raised from their sale go to Wigs for Kids. There are always lots to choose from and it always makes me smile to see the lovely things people make. I’m so happy to be able to contribute this year with my own rainbow-swirl texture. The way it turned out reminded me of the 90s rave scene
(hence the name 😀 )

Find all the details and SLURLS over on the official site:


and, if you are able, hop on over and show your support for this magnificent fundraiser and grab your anniversary gifts (10 years!) while you’re at it!


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