Beachcomber Chairs for On9 July

Beachcomber Chairs - Naturals [ad]Original Mesh | Special Event Discount
+ Free Gift | Jul 9-28

Beachcomber Chairs - Vibrants [ad]

Brand new for On9’s June round, these original mesh shell chairs currently come in 2 colour packs – naturals and vibrants. Each pack contains 4 colour options, each with adjustable animated sits.
From now until July 28th one of these packs is discounted by 20% – come find out which one!

Also, especially for this month’s round, I have created these original mesh ‘candy star’ candle holders with touch on/off candle flame. All four colours are included! Gifts are available to members of the On9 Fan Club and the group is free to join.

On9 July Free Gift by Chiana Oh [ad]

Come grab your gifts and find all the special discounts only at On9:


On9 - July 2015


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