Under the Sea Cart Sale + Hunt

Under the Sea Poster Texture for BloggingOriginal Mesh
Prizes + 10L Special Jul 1-31

we got no troubles, life is the bubbles..

The latest fab themed sale from I Heart the Cart begins today and, honestly, the sim looks amazing!

A hunt is also running alongside the sale and this one is a little bit special – it’s organized like an authentic treasure hunt where you only get the next clue by solving the one before. It’s so much fun and the reward for putting in that little bit extra effort is the location to a hidden prize spot bursting with free goodies for you! You can see some of the prize preview here.

If you scroll down you can see what I’ve been working on for the event; all of the following items are original mesh and brand new releases – there are jellyfish lamps which light up and texture-animate on touch, a new button/craft picture at a special event price of just 10L and, of course my hunt prizes.

Find the cart sale, and start the hunt, here:


An Octopus's Garden [ad]

Special Event Price ~ 10L (will be 75L after the sale)

Jellyfish Lamps [ad] fatpack

NEW for the event!

Yohoho [ad]

2L Hunt Prize

Thar Be Treasure [ad]

Freebie ~ Hunt Completion Loot


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