Advanced or Casual Hunt

AoCH Advanced Path Prize [ad] by Chiana OhOriginal Mesh | L$0 Hunt Prizes
Jun 14-30

It’s only been since April, but it feels like years since I’ve been in a hunt; such are my withdrawal symptoms! Well, to make up for it I am in not one but two hunts that start this week 😀

The first one up also has a double hunt path so it’s like two hunts in one – as the name suggests, the Advanced or Casual hunt offers two levels of difficulty – normally-sized hidden prizes with trails to help you out if they are located more than 30m from the landing point; and, for all you veteran hunters that like a little more of a challenge, there are also prizes that could be hidden anywhere in the store and the hunt objects may be any size.
Choose the path that suits you best, or why not try them both!

Read more about the hunt over at Fi’s Hunts and find hints & previews for the casual path here and advanced path here.

At my store you are searching for some original mesh luggage – a battered suitcase for the casual path and a luxury steamer trunk for the advanced. As a little extra reward for spending the time tracking down the advanced prize, unlike with my other prizes, this will not be sold for just 25L after the hunt ends (check out the attic for all those other past hunt goodies) ~ instead this will be put up for sale as a full-price release. So, if your friends like the item, make sure to pass on the hunt info so that they can get it for free!

AoCH Casual Path Prize [ad] by Chiana Oh
You can find both somewhere in my main store:


Happy Hunting!


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