‘Home Sweet Home’ wall hanging

Home Sweet Home [ad] by Chiana Oh for HomestuffOriginal Mesh
Gift for Homestuff Group Members

I’ve just finished a project I’ve had underway for a little while now – an original mesh wall hanging with a home-made feel (I had lots of fun working the stitching detail into the design!)

‘Home Sweet Home’ is currently available only to members of the fab Homestuff group.

If you love all things house and garden, then Homestuff is certainly a hot group to belong to. It costs just L$50 to join and, once you have, you have access to ALL the great home gifts on offer in the ‘Stuff Lounge – these are added to frequently as well as being changed out completely every quarter so be sure to check back often to make the most of your membership! The group is also brimming with news on all the best home bargains around the grid.

‘Home Sweet Home’ will not be available anywhere else until it’s retired for a new gift – grab it ONLY at the ‘Stuff Lounge (don’t forget to wear your group tag.)


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