‘Pendragon Castle’ – Sub. Gift

Pendragon Castle [ad] subscribersOriginal Artwork
Subscriber Group Gift

 I’ve spent the last few days updating my store – I’ve swapped the (lovely, but rather large) Clocktower skybox for a cute house skybox made by the fabulous Dust Bunny which has several realistically-scaled rooms to explore so you can better see my decor in action.

There are other areas to discover – currently a walled garden and winter-themed sky-dome – so keep a look out for how to teleport to those! I also plan on adding little bits and pieces in the future, to keep it fresh and interesting (within what my prim-count allows, anyway! 😉 )

To celebrate this change – and because I’ve been promising one for ages (sorry for the wait!) I’ve released a new subscriber group gift – original art made from editing a rl photo I took of Pendragon Castle in Cumbria. Just pop along to the store, subscribe (if you haven’t already), click the box and it’s yours for the taking! The previous winter gift has now been made free to everyone and, if you’re looking for the 25L past hunt prizes or older freebies, you’ll be able to find those in the attic.

I hope you enjoy the new-look store; I have LOTS coming up in the next couple of months with events, freebies and hunts all in my calendar so please stay tuned!



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