Quick Like a Bunny! Cart Sale + Mini Hunt

Quick like a Bunny Cart Sale Texture for bloggingOriginal Mesh
Special Event Prices Apr 4-18

Now that it’s April I really do feel like Spring has finally sprung!

I’ve been meshing like a mad woman to get items ready for a lovely Spring event and now it’s underway, I’m excited to tell you all about them..

After completing my first ‘button’ picture, I thought I’d try my hand at giving more of my mesh a homemade craft-ish feel.. and so at the lovely Quick Like a Bunny cart sale you can find some ‘sewn’ bunny-bums and another button picture.

All items are brand new for the event and I’ve set some introductory prices: the Bad Bunnies are discounted by 50% to 75L each and the Spring Chicks picture has a special event price of just 10L (it will be 75L in my main store after the event.)

The sim the cart sale is held on is adorable – so be sure to explore it as you hunt for the 2L prizes scattered around – my prize (a ‘3D’ Bunnies! picture) can be seen at the bottom of this post and you can also check out all the hunt prizes on offer here.

to the
Quick Like a Bunny Cart Sale + Hunt

Bad Bunny! [ad] Brown

50% Introductory Discount ~ 75L each (will be 150L each after the sale)

Spring Chicks [ad]

Special Event Price ~ 10L (will be 75L after the sale)

Quick Like a Bunny Mini Hunt Prize by Chiana Oh [ad]

Hunt Prize ~ 2L


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