‘feels like home’ photo set

'feels like home' photo set [ad] fixOriginal Mesh
FabFree HQ Exclusive Gift

Fabulously Free in SL played a massive part in inspiring my journey as a blogger (which in turn led me to begin creating) and I continue to find their work incredibly enjoyable and useful. So it’s with much thanks to them and with great pleasure that I recently joined the ranks of their ‘Fabulous Designers.’

Amongst their many amazing resources, FabFree provide a gallery of totally free gifts at their beautiful HQ. I’ve just rezzed my contribution – this original mesh photo set. I kept the design clean and simple in the hope that they would fit in with a wide range of decor styles. I hope you find them useful for displaying your own in-world memories & adventures!

These will not be available anywhere else until they are retired for a new gift – find them ONLY at the FabFree HQ


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