‘We fit together’ – CoLab Kit #113

We fit together [ad]Original Mesh | Limited Offer
Jan 8-21

A new round of CoLab Kits has begun, this time with the theme ‘Steamy Love‘ – so I thought I’d spice up some period silhouettes, throwing in some cog action for good measure!

The frames are original mesh and, while the picture textures do contain some public domain elements, their composition and the final results are original, too.

This was also my first attempt at creating materials from my own textures – I liked both the idea of raising the design and making it look cut-out.. in the end I couldn’t decided which I preferred as each can look great or weird depending on which lighting settings are used.. [The ad picture was taken with windlight ‘Nacon’s Natural Noon’ (a pre-installed option on the Firestorm viewer) with no shadows or ambient occlusion switched on.]

..so I threw all versions in the box for you to play about with (including one with no materials at all for those who don’t use advanced lighting settings or want to cut down on texture loading.) Hopefully you will find that one of the versions works nicely with your favourite lighting!

Rezzed examples are up next to the vendor at my store, find it here:


and remember that the CoLab Kits Lab has info on lots more items complementing the theme!


2 thoughts on “‘We fit together’ – CoLab Kit #113

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