‘Dream House’

'Dream House' by Chiana Oh [ad]Original Artwork

‘Dream House’ is an edited version of a RL photo I took on Ullswater in the Lake District (UK). I gave it this title because I really kinda want to live in that lovely house being hugged by trees and surrounded by beautiful countryside!

The wrap canvas is mesh and the land impact as it stands is 1LI. I’ve recently updated my pictures with a new, low-lag, resize script that gives greater flexibility – you can resize on each chosen axis or as a whole and there’s a handy option to restore to the out-of-the-box size in case you make any mistakes. The script isn’t deletable but, if you need it gone, just give me a poke and I’ll sort something out for you!

Also, most of my artwork is offered with trans permissions as default (with the exception of freebies, hunt prizes or similar) because I figure you’re more likely to want to pass them along than have loads of copies of the same picture. If you would like to trade in your trans copy for a.. well.. copy-copy just let me know – I’ll be more than happy to oblige!

You can find ‘Dream House’ in my main store:



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