Teacher’s Pet Desk – CoLab Kit #104

Teacher's Pet Desk [ad]

Limited Offer

I’m delighted to present my first item for CoLab Kits – a fortnightly event which brings creators all over the grid together by working on new items inspired by a given theme. There are two strings to this event: Creators Kits which are full-perm items, and Consumer Kits for ready-to-use items – I’m participating in the latter category. All items are priced between 20-60L and the idea is that you can pick and mix from the kits (or buy them all!) to create your very own themed collection.

This round’s theme is ‘Teacher’s Pet‘ and so I’m bringing you a cute little texture-change desk with some studious, not so studious and some downright bratty animations.. I hope you enjoy!

Teacher’s Pet Desk‘ is priced at just 60L for the duration of the round;
offer ends September 10th!

You can find it, and test demos, in the main walled garden part of my store.


Also, be sure to visit the CoLab Kits Lab for more items complementing the theme!



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