The Gallery Gift Shop Anniversary – Sneak Peak!

TGGS 3rd Anni Ad - by Chiana Oh

Original Artworks | Event & Hunt

It’s been ages since I’ve made anything to sell but when The Gallery Gift Shop very kindly invited me to apply to take part in their third anniversary event I jumped at the chance! TGGS is one of my very favourite places in all of SL and was one of the first ever events I ever took part in – I was a regular there until life got in the way and I retired my little gallery/store. So, I feel genuinely honoured to be a part of their celebrations and have made three brand new canvases:

Two of these will be for sale priced at L$75 each and with trans/mod permissions, while the final canvas is a free hunt prize with copy/mod permissions. All are exclusive and discounted for the duration of the event, and who knows when they might be available for sale again!

This ‘Feeling Good’ series is named for and uses lyrics from the song written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse which has been covered by many talented artists such as Nina Simone and Muse. Scroll down for credits for the in-world items used in these pictures.

The anniversary event will begin on the 15th July and is packed with some truly wonderful designers. I’ll post a SLURL once the event is actually open but you can also stay tuned to the Gallery’s website here.



I used the following creations in my work:

‘drifting on by’ features

***Call*** Mesh Avatar by Naomi Call


[!ZOOM] Posing Artistry {Balloon} by Kiana Jarman

‘it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day’ features

MetaTheodora/Miamai BlackLabel Golden Thread Mesh Avatar by sian (sion pearl)


{what next} Happy Chair ‘In The Air’ by Winter Thorn


My sincere thanks to you all for your amazing and inspiring work! ❤



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