New: For CoLab Kit #105: Hubble Bubble Framed Picture

Hubble Bubble Framed Pic [ad]This round’s theme is ‘The Witch’s Kitchen‘ and so I put together a little decorative picture featuring some lines from the witches in Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth.’
The frame is my very first original mesh creation.. yay!

Hubble Bubble Picture Frame‘ is priced at just 25L for the duration of the round;
offer ends September 24th!

You can find it, and take a look at a rezzed example, in the main walled garden part of my store.


Also, be sure to visit the CoLab Kits Lab for more items complementing the theme!

New: For CoLab Kit #104 – Teacher’s Pet Desk

Teacher's Pet Desk [ad]
I’m delighted to present my first item for CoLab Kits – a fortnightly event which brings creators all over the grid together by working on new items inspired by a given theme. There are two strings to this event: Creators Kits which are full-perm items, and Consumer Kits for ready-to-use items – I’m participating in the latter category. All items are priced between 20-60L and the idea is that you can pick and mix from the kits (or buy them all!) to create your very own themed collection.

This round’s theme is ‘Teacher’s Pet‘ and so I’m bringing you a cute little texture-change desk with some studious, not so studious and some downright bratty animations.. I hope you enjoy!

Teacher’s Pet Desk‘ is priced at just 60L for the duration of the round;
offer ends September 10th!

You can find it, and test demos, in the main walled garden part of my store.


Also, be sure to visit the CoLab Kits Lab for more items complementing the theme!

Love Ulaa


New canvas for the Love Ulaa fundraiser – inspired by the bond between parent and child.

Ulaa’s mother has been diagnosed with cancer and has been unable to see her daughter for 14 years, nor meet her grandson, due to distance, health and financial issues. Ulaa has been raising money for an urgent trip home on gofundme and now it’s time for the Second Life community to come together to show some love.

Love Ulaa has been organised by the fab Tracy Rubble, giving designers a chance to offer you some of their items with 50% or 100% of proceeds being donated directly to this worthy cause.

You can read more about the event on Tracy’s blog here or visit the gofundme page here.

The event runs from August 14th – 18th – with a party being organized at Rouge for the 16th
Please stop by if you can!


Stand4Love 2014 Gifts

Stand4Love Gifts

Stand4Love is a fabulous campaign founded by RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity.

Their mission statement:
“Our goal is to spread awareness that two consenting adults should have the right to love and marry regardless of their race or sexual orientation. If we can open someone’s mind and promote tolerance and equality, then our goal has been achieved.”
Read more, including details on how to get involved, on their blog.

Equality in love, indeed in all things, is something I believe very strongly in and it is my absolute pleasure to once again show my support and hopefully spread the word.
If you’d like to read a little more about my personal views you can do so here.

The items I’ve made have been created specifically with this in mind and I hope you enjoy them – you can pick up these free gifts from my in-world store:



The Stand4Love logos were created by Dylan Dorival.

On the canvas, ‘Love Equals Love’ is a texture of my own making – a heavily-edited shot I took of the fabulous ***Call*** Mesh Avatar by Naomi Call

Stand4Love - Chiana Oh

A Small Plot of Land

I decided I really wanted a new home rather than spending my day standing in an empty platform – at the same time I thought I would bring back my gallery/shop. I didn’t want it to just be a store, though, as I don’t have much to put in it at the moment.. I’m still working on updating my old work and creating more. So I’ve made a series of little hangouts instead. Art and things will be dotted around and made available for sale as I make it.. there’s also a notice board at the main gate where you can take a look at my current events and subscribe for updates if you like and I’ll be setting the odd gift out when I get around to it. If and when I make more furniture I’ll probably add a more traditional store area but for now I think this is a fun way to house my pictures.. I hope you like it! Scroll down for taxi.

by Chiana Oh - Main (collage)

by Chiana Oh – Main Gate & Secret Garden

The Dark Forest Collage

by Chiana Oh – The Dark Forest

Rabbit Hole & Clouds Collage

by Chiana Oh – Down the Rabbit Hole & In the Clouds

You are more than welcome to come and visit – there are currently 4 little places to explore.



And this is my own lil studio..


Studio Collage Chiana’s Studio


Happy Birthday to The Gallery Gift Shop!

TGGS Anniversary LogoIt’s open and looking FAB!

TGGS Entrance

(located on the Saikin and booN sim)

I’ve shown you my contribution already (tho I am adding it again at the bottom of this post, just cos :D ) but there is so very much more to see at The Gallery Gift Shop – including a beautiful new build and an awesome free store hunt! The celebrations will continue for 6 weeks with Part II kicking off on August 5th – so check back often to see what’s new! I’ll be covering some of the items over on my fashion blog soon and you can also check out the Seraphim gallery post here.

TGGS 3rd Anniversary

For our hunt items we were given frames to include a self-portrait.. this is mine!

For our hunt items we were given frames to include a self-portrait… this is mine – happy hunting!

TGGS 3rd Anni Ad - by Chiana Oh

The Gallery Gift Shop Anniversary – Sneak Peak!

It’s been ages since I’ve made anything to sell but when The Gallery Gift Shop very kindly invited me to apply to take part in their third anniversary event I jumped at the chance! TGGS is one of my very favourite places in all of SL and was one of the first ever events I ever took part in – I was a regular there until life got in the way and I retired my little gallery/store. So, I feel genuinely honoured to be a part of their celebrations and have made three brand new canvases:

TGGS 3rd Anni Ad - by Chiana OhTwo of these will be for sale priced at L$75 each and with trans/mod permissions, while the final canvas is a free hunt prize with copy/mod permissions. All are exclusive and discounted for the duration of the event, and who knows when they might be available for sale again!

This ‘Feeling Good’ series is named for and uses lyrics from the song written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse which has been covered by many talented artists such as Nina Simone and Muse. Scroll down for credits for the in-world items used in these pictures.

The anniversary event will begin on the 15th July and is packed with some truly wonderful designers. I’ll post a SLURL once the event is actually open but you can also stay tuned to the Gallery’s website here.



I used the following creations in my work:

‘drifting on by’ features

***Call*** Mesh Avatar by Naomi Call


[!ZOOM] Posing Artistry {Balloon} by Kiana Jarman

‘it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day’ features

MetaTheodora/Miamai BlackLabel Golden Thread Mesh Avatar by sian (sion pearl)


{what next} Happy Chair ‘In The Air’ by Winter Thorn


My sincere thanks to you all for your amazing and inspiring work! <3